Genie Wish Spells

Genie Spells

Genie spells are trending for a basic reason that they are easy to use and don't require materials or ingredients on the other hand genie invocations and formulas require months of performing tough to do rituals with precision and effort to succeed therefore genie spells are preferred not only because they are easy to use but because they provide similar results to what a physical genie will give.

Genies have no freewill unlike the angels and spirits who have free will.
Genies are constant searchers of their masters who would control them eventually. The search could go on for thousands of years.

The genie spell primarily is to indicate to a nearby genie that here is a commander and the time to submit has come. This happens within a week of casting the genie wish spell. Once this happens you will see your desires and wishes coming true.

I have created a number of genie spells but the genie wish spell I am about to present is the easiest.

Here I am writing about a genie spell that requires few minutes to cast for 13 days.

The genie wish spell casting procedure and usage are sent with package.

Price US $ 80

Note: The genie spell makes a nearby genie duty-bound to make your wishes come true without appearing. If you are searching for invocations to make a genie appear physically then view this page of magic formulas.

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