Incense are oils which are specially infused by me. They are for various different purposes.

Incense For Love
Two drops of this oil on your clothes each day will attract the opposite gender towards you. The user of this incense oil will become charismatic and will at the same time gain magnetism spiritually which will work in attracting the opposite gender.
Price US $ 70

Money incense oil will increase your attraction towards money and works on the universal law of attraction. The user of this incense will notice that ways and doors will start opening for you to gain and attain money.
Price US $ 70

Will protect the user from any and all kinds of evil, magic, voodoo and malpractices. Will keep away jealous people and evil eyes.
Price US $ 70

Success Incense Sticks
These are a set of 14 sticks which are spiritually infused by me. These incense are a top seller and should be used daily at home and office. These sticks are known to increase the effectiveness of your hard work and will make sure that you get the appropriate returns for your hard work richly.
For success in personal and professional life. The sticks are very powerful and will take effect to bring success to you in all fields of life which in turn will provide you with money, happiness and prosperity.
This is a must have power.

Price US $ 70
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