Astrology And Astral Magic

Astrology basically deals with stars, planetary gemstones, birth dates and star signs. Perfect mix of permutations and combinations based on celestial calculations.

Astral magic is a combination of complex calculations and magical rituals.

Astrology and astral magic deals with gemology/gemstones and magic.

Quiet simply to put in brief, astro readings will let you know your future and thats it. Astral magic is a practice which is used to shape or reshape your future path on the basis of your astro readings.

Once your reading is made, I shall then let you know if at all it is needed to act on your future path by shaping or reshaping it as you desire.
This is done by me providing you with a specific gemstone and it will be infused by me on the principles of astral magic.

Each reading and an appropriate gem will cost US $100 in total.

Gemstone can be set in a ring or pendant on special request.
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