They are connected with the ancient egyptian scriptures and astrological calculations. Each charm is made for a specific purpose.

Each charm is very powerful and priceless.

Love Charm
All spiritual items for love that you see on this website are top sellers.
The reason for this love charm being always in demand is quiet simple. This charm is an all in one love charm. It is used by people of all age groups to attract the opposite sex, lust, love, attraction, marriage and to reunite with lost love.
As be reading the above you can clearly understand that this one love charm covers most of the love issues if not all.
Price US $ 85

Money Charm
This charm is used for both (personal and professional use)
Will provide you with money and fortune. If you are working so will notice higher, salaries, wages and job opportunities coming your way at will. If you are in business so will notice unexpected business opportunities from all corners.
Price US $ 85

Supreme protection charm will protect you from evil, voodoo, witchcraft, accidents, robberies and unexpected disasters. Will also protect you from bad luck and evil people who may want to create obstruction in the path of your success in both personal and professional life.
Price US $ 85

Lottery Charm
This charm is used by professional gamblers and people who play lotteries, bingo and horse racing etc.
Users have noticed tremendous success over a period of time once using this charm. Highly regarded amongst professional gamblers
Price US $ 85

Good luck
As the name suggests will provide you with immense good luck and good fortune in all the fields of life namely job, business, sports, education etc. Will provide you with good luck in all the walks of life. Mostly ordered by celebrities.
Price US $ 85

Success Charm
Success is something that the world craves. This charm will open ways for your success spiritually. You will start noticing success in your day to day life till the day will come when you will surpass all your colleagues and competition to such a level where people will start to regard you highly and people will start looking up to you in awe and disbelief.
Works in both personal and professional life.

Price US $ 85
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