Feng Shui

Chinese feng shui is very much in demand for its uses and its designs. I infuse the feng shui products spiritually.

Feng Shui Wind Chime
Will bring in positive air, prosperity, good luck and good health. Will soothe the ambience of your home.
Price US $ 60

Good Luck Buddha
This is a top seller and is used by many for money. This buddha brings money towards you and opens various different ways of money, good luck and fame for you.
Price US $ 60

Horse Shoe
This is a top seller and is mostly used to hang over your door or to keep in a safe and holy place. This shoe is infused by me spiritually. This horse shoe will never let any bad luck, evil or misfortune enter your house. On the other hand it will attract good luck, money, fame and fortune.
Price US $ 60
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