Genie Spells

Real Genie Grant Wishes Spell

Need a real genie that grants wishes and probably want to know the secret of how to cast grant wishes spell successfully then here is how it's done.

Genies are created by God; they are not heavenly beings but are made of fire.
Genies are invisible and present everywhere on planets and in space. They live a separate life that has nothing to do with humans. Genies are gifted with super natural abilities by God and instinctively each one of them is hardwired with the feeling of requiring a commander who will show them the direction and whom they will obey. Now the key point is to get one of them to obey and make are wishes come true.

You will cast the genie wish spell for 8 nights and the amulet to cast the genie spell will be sent in the package.

During casting a genie nearby will resonate to the genie wish spell and understand there is a caster or invoker whom he has to obey.
When the 8 nights of casting are complete the genie will start showing his wonders and miracles.

Your wishes will start becoming true like a dream and there will be no boundaries. Be fare and ask for legitimate wishes or at least be within the limits of greed.

After casting you will not be able to see the genie but the genie will know you and start making your wishes come true.

The genie wish spell is safe and loved globally.

Feel free to ask questions and queries by sending a mail.

Price US $ 90
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