Free Money Spells

Money spells are most talked about and asked for. I have put together the most effective money spells together on the page. Free money spells are equally effective as paid money spells are.

Choose from these money spells and cast a spell now. Progress will be witnessed from day one of casting these money spells. Choose the right one before casting.

Money spells need precision in casting for them to work. Not confident in casting these free money spells and fear failure in casting? Contact me for professional casting

Money spells cast by me never fail and will do more than required.

Questions asked by people concerning free money spells are below. These are frequently asked questions.

Are free spells as effective as the once you are charging for?
Free money spells are equal in par to the money spells i am charging for. I am charging for the spell casting and not for anything else. My reputation is at stake and I have millions of followers, so why will i put material on my website that is ineffective or less effective?

What are the requirements to cast these spells?
There are no requirements and neither do you have to acquire a university level degree in spell casting before casting my free money spells. Cast them with full faith, heart and soul and they will provide you with results. Anyone can cast my money spells.

Anything special required for casting?
You will need precision, accuracy and rock solid concentration for success with money spells.

There are so many spells you have as free. I am new to spells so which do you suggest to become rich?
All will make you rich and isn't that the main purpose for which i have outlined money spells on this page? Try any which you feel is easy and suits your needs best.

Are there any harmful effects of these money spells?
No harm in casting money spells.

Candle Money Spell

This is a one day spell casting and very easy.

You will take a green thick candle. Carve this Spell on it with any object used for carving etc.


Now you may burn the candle and let the candle burn fully.

While the candle is burning, you will chant this spell 12 times.

As the candle burns along with the spell, It will melt the heart of the money Gods and you will be blessed with unlimited money and Wealth.


Return Back Money Spell

You will need a picture of the person from whom you want your money back.

Take a small wooden box and put the picture of that person in the box. Put 2 red chilies, 1 tablespoon of turmeric powder and one small piece of ginger in the box.

Now sprinkle some vermilion powder in the box and simultaneously while sprinkling you will chant this spell 9 times and close the box and keep it in your home.


Within days the person for whom you have cast this spell will return your money back to you.


Money All The Way Spell

The spell is for unlimited money. It serves the purpose of providing money throughout a lifetime.
There will be no shortage of money after the spell is cast. It's a forever spell casting and hardly takes 5 minutes to complete.

Each night take a bath, wear clean white clothes, sit on a mat with a rosary of 1000 beads and chant the power spell "AO WALOMAZA". The spell turns fortunes and provides unlimited money. One of the selected few spells that pleases god.

Make this spell casting a practice and you will never need any other money spell.


Money Spell For Wealth

The spell is more of a ritual that needs to be done daily. It's a forever spell and needs to be done at sunrise. It's simple and very effective.

Keep your wallet or purse in front of you and sit down in a relaxed manner. Say this spell wholeheartedly with good concentration thrice "PAISH PAISH AGAZ PAISHA" while looking at the wallet and then blow air from mouth onto the wallet or purse.

The spell does two things. Firstly your wallet or purse will be full with money at all times and you will experience tremendous prosperity, success and wealth coming your way.


Attract Money Spell

The best money attraction spell of all time is the sandalwood box magical money spell. It's a onetime spell casting and no more.

In the evening take a bath, wear clean white clothes and sit back in a relaxed manner.
Take a small sandalwood box and keep it open in front of you. Gaze at it thoroughly.

Write this spell by your own hands on a piece of white cloth.


Fold the cloth and keep it in the box. The condition for this spell to work is that you shall never open the box. If possible try to lock the box.

You will start attracting money.


Banish Debt Spell

Tired of debts and unable to clear debts? The banish debt spell is a tried and tested formula.

Cast this spell for 3 nights only.

Each night take a small clean piece of paper, write the following spell on it thrice and then burn the paper. Within few days the spell will open ways for you to clear debts easily and effectively.


Such a simple spell and what great benefits it has.


Dark Money Spell

It's a black magic spell that gives extreme money.

The spell casting has to be done on a full moon. It's a onetime spell casting and no more than once.

At night, take one egg and write the spell on it till the entire egg is covered with the spell. Write the spell as many times you can. The second step is to keep the egg on an empty land and return home without looking back at the egg.


It's an extreme spell for extreme money. Experience the wonders of this spell after few days of casting.


Want Money Now Spell

You need money badly and desperation to get it is increasing even while reading this spell? Then the spell is just for you.

Cast the spell each night till you obtain the required money.

At night while standing say this spell 350 times and after completion ask for the money you aim for in a loud clear voice.


You will achieve the required sum of money soon.


Candle Magic Money Spell

Powerful spell for money that has faced and stood the test of time.

On a full moon night cast the spell. It's a one night spell casting only.

Take a black candle; carve the spell on it with a carving object and light the candle till it melts completely. Spell melts the heart of a money goddess that shall bless you with money in abundance.


Very simple spell yet amazingly effective.



I have surfed the internet for free spells and I must say that the spells I have tried from this website are the easiest and extremely effective. My financial status has improved after casting the money all the way spell. I plan to order the black magic money spell soon.

Alex Toto


I incurred loses in business that resulted in a mental breakdown. The situation had become worse and there was a time that I was finding it hard to run my family. I believe in destiny and that could be instrumental in getting me on this page. I cast the return back money spell one night and did as instructed. Initially I started getting my lost money back and surprisingly overtime I started making big money and going strong.

Rick Guy


Here is a success story coming from a client. To begin first I want to congratulate you for your fine work. I was jobless and had nothing much to show. No money to buy your custom money spells which I why I used the dark money spell. Moments back I won the prize money by playing a local lottery. No one in the history had won this lottery and guess what at the first go I picked all the 5 right winning numbers. Cheers.

Victor Symons


There were days when I used to take antidepressants and lead my life since I had no job and no money which is why I was looked down by family. There was no help coming my way till I accidentally visited this page and something within directed me to cast the money all the way spell. I will give the spell and the author of this spell credit because I am laughing all the way to the bank twice a month to say the least. Don't know how to put it in perspective but now I am working in a multinational company, within days I have got 2 promotions and things are looking very good now. I even succeeded in winning small money by playing lottery.

Raven Genier


Mr. Spell bounded,
I have a few praises that you deserve for helping me out. I started with quiet a few businesses over the years and did them well with good homework and great research. Never did I taste success which was very frustrating because I knew I was doing things right. I never took any magical help in the past because I never believed in it, for this reason out of the blue decided to cast the free spell on this site. I tried the attract money spell and within few days all my businesses started picking up one after the other. The business which was doing the worst and I was about to shut is surprisingly leading the pack and is doing much better than the others. A big salute to you and may you live long. I have tears in my eyes right now and don't know how to express.

Mario Diathoud


My debts were piling and I was selling my personal belongings to settle loans which was painstaking for me and my family more so. There was no relief till the day came when I tried the banish debt spell. Relief firstly came from my family who decided to share my debts and helped in clearing more than half of my loans. The remaining half is almost nearly cleared by me. Family help was an eye opener and a very big surprise because I never maintained good relationships with my family. This is magic at its best.

John Adams
Southern Africa
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