Free Money Spells

Career Spell and Job Spell

Its one of the best free job spells to cast by people who are starting out in their lives. It's a very powerful career spell and works equally well for business.

The spell will provide the person casting this spell with job opportunities, career promotions and business success.
Keeping in mind that the free job spell would be tried by younger people, I have tried to write this spell in the simplest manner possible.

Cast this job spell for 4 days. Any time would be fine to cast the spell.

Take a dry coconut and keep it in one corner of your house. No one touches that coconut except the person casting this spell and the coconut should be absolutely unmoved for the tenure of 4 days.

Sit in front of it and chant the spell 100 times.


On the 4th day after completion of the spell casting, break the coconut into two. Insert some sugar in it and join the coconut back to its original shape.

Now place this coconut on a piece of land under open sky nearby your house.
Never ever go back to check or see that coconut or what has happened or happening to the coconut.

In coming day's irresistible career success, job opportunities and employments offers will come your way.
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