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White Magic Love Spell

Casting a white magic love spell or a black magic spell is an individual's choice.

White magic love spells don't play with free will on the other hand black magic love spells force free will. This is the one defining difference between both forms.

This page is all about white magic love spells.

One misconception that users have is that white magic spells are god spells. This is untrue. White magic spells are magical chants that are simple and effective.

I am writing down one white magic love spell that was created by me a very long time back which according to me is a very powerful spell to attract love, soul mate and love binding.

Cast the spell for 12 evenings before sunset. Any time prior to sunset is just about fine.

There is no fixed number of times to cast this love spell hence chant the spell repeatedly for 10 minutes every day.


Within 12 days the user will find a soul mate, lost love and attract lover depending on what he or she wishes.

This spell is one of the best white magic love spells that work.
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