Introduction To Spells

Spiritual Spells

Magic spells are many therefore to lessen the confusion I have divided them in 3 classes or groups.

Spiritual spells of magic are subdivided into 3 classes.

White magic spells - Holy magic
White magic and spells are used to serve good purposes, mostly for personal benefits without any wrong or evil intentions. White magic spells are permanent and effective powerful spells that lead users to their end desired goals. Use white magic spells for good desires, wishes and see them come true.
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Black magic spells - Dark magic
Dark magic or black magic is used to serve good purposes, bad purposes and evil intentions. Black magic spells are forceful spells that lead users to their desired goals. Black magic spells are for love, lust, breakups, marriage, divorce, money, protection, hex, destruction and revenge.
Black magic spells work fast, have no repercussions and are safe to use.
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Divine spells - Nature magic
Divine spells are nature spells for love, health, healing and prosperity. These spells are not to be used for materialistic wishes. The one who uses divine spells will never have any worries, tensions or face hardships in life. The user comes under the direct light and guidance of God.
People ask for divine spells to clear karma and treat diseases that have not scientific cure.

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