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Simple Money Spell

It's not uncommon to know we like things simple in life. Human brain is such that it wants the body to achieve more with less effort and resist workload of any kind.

The cluster of money spells on my web pages is huge. Almost all of them are simple money spells and easy to cast. Free simple money spells I have written down all throughout my website are the easiest. If still any advice or help required in casting them then get in
I mentioned all money spells I have created are simple money spells but this spell is one of my favorites, very simple and very effective.

Cast the spell in the evening. No fixed time necessary to cast.

Take a bath before casting the money spell.

Hold some local currency in your hands firmly and focus on the money during the spell chanting.

Stand facing towards the north direction and now cast the spell slowly with ease 10 times.


After the spell casting is over, put the currency in a small jar and place the jar in your safe locker.

Never ever use that currency from the jar and if you do use it then the money spell breaks.

This money spell I have presented to my readers is a gem of a spell. Note down this spell for good.
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