Free Love Spells

Simple Love Spells

Globally popular spells for love due to the ease in casting them. Expect magical results.

Easy and effective simple love spells get maximum likes on my pages. They are easy, simple and the main thing is that they don't require any ingredients or materials to cast.

Simple love spells are love chants that carry a lot of weight and provide magical results.

This spell to my knowledge is the easiest spell ever created by me for love and this is the only spell that truly deserves the title of simple love spells.

The technique to cast this spell is very simple and is totally based on visualization.
If you are casting this spell to bring back lover or lost love or to reunite with lover or to attract lover then visualize your lover. On the other hand if casting the spell for soul mate then visualize a random ideal partner you wish or have in mind.

Cast this spell for 1 week starting on a Monday. First day of the week is best to cast this spell.

At night lie down on the bed completely relaxed.

Close your eyes and chant the spell 20 times slowly with full focus on visualization.


After chanting you can go to sleep.

The spell casting only takes 2-3 minutes and is a remarkably simple love spell.
You don't need to be a professional spell caster to cast this spell.

In a week there will be a positive outcome by this spell casting.
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