Free Love Spells

Free love spells are equally effective as purchased love spells are. Free love spells are for people who cannot pay for spell casting services at present. One must never consider free love spells to be less effective than paid love spells, at least not on my website.

The best thing with paid love spells is that I cast them and you stay away from all the fuss and work involved in casting them, on the other hand with free love spells you have to do all the hard work. Keeping this in mind I have created the most easy to cast free love spells.

These following love spells are the easiest one can ask for. No fancy materials required in casting these free love spells and most love spells are needed to be cast at home which makes these love spells even simpler as child's play.

Try these love spells and you might never need to purchase any love spells ever. Keep one condition in mind, you need to cast these free love spells "AS IS" without even the slightest of mistakes. Love spells need precision to work for you. Hesitant in casting love spells yourself and need me to do so? Send in an email

Love spells are to be used by people who are 18 and above in age.

Beyond Boundaries Spell For Love

You will cast this spell for 3 days. Cast this spell only if your love has gone to a distant place e.g. abroad or a very distant location.

Each morning you will take an egg shell, put 2 tablespoons of sugar in it and add a pinch of vermilion powder in it.

For the first 2 days of casting you will chant this spell and keep the egg shell on an empty land which has less to no population. After you keep the egg shell on the land you will turn back and go back home and will not turn back and look at the egg shell.

On the 3rd day of casting you will chant the same spell but put the egg shell in the river or sea. After you put the egg shell in the river or sea, you will turn back and go back home and will not turn back and look at the egg shell.


This Spell will make your lover come back to you from any part of the world. Remember to imagine your lover in your mind during the spell casting.


Magical Mantra Spell For Love

It has to be cast for 21 nights. Very simple and you don't need any materials in casting this spell. This spell casting is only based on repetitive recitation of the spell and this is why I have named it the magical mantra love spell.

You will take a rosary and on it count and chant this spell for 21 times.
Use a red rosary for counting, It helps.


A very effective spell. Remember to imagine your lover in your mind during the casting. This spell will bring Your lover to you.


Desire Me Spell

Object of use: Red rose petals

On a full moon, write your name on 29 red rose petals and put them in a bowl. Now you say the spell 100 times simultaneously looking at the moon and then throw away the rose petals. The entire spell casting needs to be done under the light of the moon. There should be no shade or cover.


Desired ye shall be!!!

You may cast it on each full moon depending on you. Casting the spell once is sufficient but some prefer casting it over and over again. Check with the calendar for full moon dates.


Lust And Love Spell

Object of use: Rose incense sticks

You should know the name of the person whom you want to fall in love with you and have lustful feelings for you to make the spell work.

The spell works within 6 days. Cast the spell for 6 evenings. You need complete silence and total concentration for success with the spell.

1) Each evening take a bath

2) Light an incense stick and keep it by the window side.

3) Say the spell 400 times "LAMAL PYAARA AWAAT LAULAW"

4) Repeat the name of the person 100 times. (The most important step)

God willing the person will be yours.


Attraction Love Spell

Objects of use: Household mirror (any will do) and a love incense perfume bottle which you can navigate for on my website in the perfumes section.

This is a forever spell and must be done daily in the morning before leaving home.

After taking a bath, stand in front of a mirror and apply 2 drops of the love incense perfume on your clothes. The fragrance will be spellbinding.

Say out the spell while looking at you in the mirror 17 times.


You will inherit attraction tendencies mysteriously that shall attract people to you.

Such a simple spell and such great benefits.


Stop A Divorce Candle Magic Spell

Time is running out and you need to save your marriage but don't know how? The fact that you are at this page is the first step in doing so.

Object of use: A red rose fragranced candles.

Cast the spell for 6 days only and see the magic yourself.
Take a candle; write yours and your partners name in capital side by side on the candle. Below the names write this spell "DILAM MAKSAW JAONA AONAA" and light the candle.

Complete the spell casting for 6 days and don't stop it if the result comes within 6 days in your favor. You must complete the spell casting for 6 full days. By the 6th day you successfully must have diverted the divorce.


Soul Mate Lavender Love Spell

Objects of use: Handful plain papers and a lavender incense perfume bottle which you can navigate for on my website in the perfumes section.

Cast this spell for 40 nights.

Each night take a clean white paper and write the spell on it 4 times
"MADILA GHASLAM MAOLAM BAZAL LAZZAAM" now add few drops of the lavender incense perfume on the paper. Crush the paper and throw it on an empty land. Return back home without turning and looking back at the crushed piece of paper you have thrown.

It's a 40 night's spell casting but involves minimal effort.

Within 40 days your soul mate will come to you and be yours. Complete the spell casting for 40 nights and don't stop even if you feel you have found your soul mate before 40 days.


Faithfulness From Partner Love Spell

A very easy spell that works always and for everyone.

Nothing much is needed to cast this spell. Every Thursday morning say the spell while looking at the picture of your partner and blow air from your mouth onto the picture. It's a forever spell casting.

Say this spell as many times you like.


Your partner will stop cheating on you and become faithful.


Hear My Heart Love Spell

People when fall in love express it to their loved ones. Some are unable to express it due to fears of rejection. This situation is faced mostly by youngsters who fear failures.

You need to know the name of the person whom you want to convey the message of your love. The message will be conveyed to your love and god willing will accept your proposal.

Here is what you have to do.

Objects of use: A small box, handful of papers and small red bows.

Cast this spell for 7 nights.

1) Each night after taking a bath, sit comfortably with feelings of love in your heart.

2) Take a piece of clean white paper; write yours and your lovers name on it side by side. Below the names write the spell "MAZAE MAZAE TARAE SUMAI LA" now roll the paper and tie a red bow on it and keep the paper in a nice box. Repeat the same for 7 nights.

Your message will be loud and clear to the person you love and the proposal will be accepted. There will be no rejections.


Reverse Love Spell

Ever wanted to break a marriage or separate a couple due to personal reasons but didn't know how? The spell is for this purpose.

Objects of use: Handful of papers and raw eggs

Cast the spell for 40 nights.

At night take a clean white paper and write the names of a couple whom you want to separate on it clearly. Write the names one below the other and not side by side keeping a lots of space in between. Between the two names write this spell across "KANSAW RASAI JAJAA JAJAA KAMASK". Take the paper outside and put it on the ground, break a raw egg on it making sure you don't miss the paper and then crush the paper. Return back home without looking back at the paper.

Repeat the same spell casting for 40 nights.

Hatred will replace love, leading a couple to separate from each other.

The spell is a miracle spell.


Command Love Spell

The spell is to bring your lover under command and obey you. Spell is used for many purposes.

1) Command a disobedient lover/partner.

2) Make a partner faithful.

3) Extract materialistic benefits from lover.

It's a forever spell. Every night when the clock strikes 12, say the spell 49 times while looking at the picture of your lover and blow air from your mouth onto the picture.


Your lover will come under your command and you will have a firm grip on lover.
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