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Protection is one of the most important aspects of life that is often ignored or rather taken for granted that surprises me. When I ask this question to people they have no answer for the ignorance. I feel that most people are only interested in running after money and spend their entire life span in making money. Keeping this in mind I have put together some fast and easy to use free protection spells and protection chants that are simple and powerful. These protection spells can be used by yourself and at the same time you may use these protection spells for loved ones.








The jealousy and evil eye protection spell works great. I am an aspiring singer who unfortunately did not get recognition for strange reasons despite being very talented. A lot of less talented people went ahead of me which was real frustrating to see. I then decided to take some magical help which is when I stumbled upon your website and cast the jealousy spell. It was crazy to see the life changing events that started taking place in my life. People started appreciating my work and then the big day came when I signed my first contract. The jealousy removal spell is a blessing. Lots of love to you sir and a big thanks.
(Elle, Michigan)

Hello, My story is long but will keep it short. I suffered throughout my life from ill health and strangely the doctors couldn't find anything wrong. I was bed ridden for most of my life. I didn't do much rather than surfing the net for prayers and spiritual healing. One fine day I visited your blog and came across your black magic protection spells. I still remember from the day I started with the black magic removal spell, there were significant changes in me that I observed and now it's safe to say that I am healed and the black magic is gone. I am living my life again. Thanks from me and my family.
Alex Kumi - Ghana

I am a business traveler and months back had an accident which had put me in a state of fear. I developed strange phobias that did not let me work or leave the house. This state of mind was affecting my professional life and my family was suffering since I am the sole bread winner for my wife and two kids. I was lucky enough to check out your spells and something from within told me that I must try one of them. I tried the accident protection and safe journey spell which is serving me wonderfully well. I never feel any anxiety or fear my journeys anymore. Thank you for your kindness.
Roger, USA

The protection chant is good. I have started using it and now I do not feel nervous. I have become free from the anxiety attacks which I used to suffer from regularly. (Daisy, USA)

Hello there. Me and my family shifted to our new apartment a year back and always had a feeling of negativity attached to the new home. I mean there were a lot of things that happened which should not have ever happened which eventually lead me to cast this house protection spell. After casting the spell I have noticed that things are running smooth now and there is happiness and prosperity in our home.
Grace , New York

Here is a short testimonial from myself. I have started with the all in one protection spell and feel calm and protected always that helps me to concentrate on work and play. Thanks for the help.
Andrew, Texas

Hi and thanks to you. Since my childhood I have seen my mom suffer from black magic. From time to time she behaved weirdly and then used to settle down. Sometimes she used to become very hard to handle. I was checking out some protection spells on your website and cast the all in one protection spell for loved ones from black magic and evil. After I completed the spell there was a significant change I noted in my mom. It's been 6 months now and she has never behaved weirdly as before and is completely normal. Thanks for restoring normalcy in her life which was much needed.
Rebello, USA

Good day. I don't like to talk much about myself but being a pretty female there are a lot of people who take a close look at me which sometimes is unsettling, most of them are colleagues who are jealous people. I cast the all in one protection spell to be safe from jealousy and evil eye some days back which has made me feel more protected and safe. I feel stronger as a person and there seems to be an aura of protection around me. (Jones, US)

How are you doing spellbounded. Please accept my sincere thanks for your help. I don't know if you remember me but here is my story. 2 years ago I pleaded to you to cast an evil removal spell for my daughter for she was unwell and the reason was black magic that was confirmed by the locals. You cast the spell and now it's been 2 long years that she is completely fit and fine. You are a gem. Paul from Nigeria.

I liked your blog in which you have written about the simple technique to stay protected from black magic and evil. I have loosely tied a black string to my right ankle for protection. Thanks. Sarah, USA
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