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Love Spell For Beginners

The title of this spell will make one wonder that this spell is only for a beginner and probably will be less effective. This is reverse psychology. Beginner love spells on my web are not for newbie's alone but to be used by advanced casters as well.

Don't go by the name of this spell because it is a classic love spell that works fast. This love spell is a love chant hence is simple and does not require materials to cast.

The procedure to cast it is very simple.

Cast the spell for 2 nights and maximum 3 nights.

Cast the spell under dim lights in an area where you can see your shadow falling in front of you.

Chant this beginner love spell 31 times with full focus on the shadow.


Magically this love spell makes the caster attract lover of his own choice and makes others adore the caster of this spell.

The easiest love spell out of all my free love spells and a very powerful spell hence it has earned the name as a "beginner spell".

Beginners and advanced both can mail in their respective queries.
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