Free Love Spells

Free Love Spells Without Ingredients

Top notch spells that require no materials.

Love spells without ingredients are demanding spells which leave the caster very tired and boredom soon takes over. Such spells require countless chanting with precision and focus that's tough to do. Many users quit the spell casting halfway.

Thankfully free love spells without ingredients I have created are the simplest you can find.

This spell is one from the many love spell chants I have created and is the easiest.

Cast the spell for 2 nights standing under a ber tree.

Chant the spell 12 times.


This love spell gives results in 2 days. Whatever your love wish is, it will come true.

The connection between this love chant and ber tree can't be revealed and is one of the many secrets of ole.

Cast this spell under a ber tree only and no other tree will do.

Take a bath before casting the spell and wear a soothing perfume.
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