Free Money Spells

Fast Money Spells

If ever the need arises for quick money then here is one spell for fast money.

People ask for two types of money spells. One are effective money spells and the other are fast money spells or quick money spells. This demand is understandable and acceptable.

The catch to fast money spells is they require much experience to cast and are tough to cast. This is one of the main reasons all free money spells I have written on my web are easy to cast and don't require any experience.

Fast Money Spell

This free money spell is written down by me for the fact that some casters would cast this spell due to genuine urgent need of money. Cast this easiest and the fastest money spell in urgency. Money will find a way to you.

Donate a dime or two to a poor person and within minutes raise your hands up towards the sky, look towards the sky and chant the spell 20 times.


Money will come in the least expected manner and will keep coming with the progression of time.

This spell becomes much more effective when it's raining.

One other effective way to increase your wealth and sustenance is by chanting the spell 50 times every day.
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