Free Money Spells

Easy Money Spell

Simple and free easy money spells are in demand. Every caster wants a simple money spell which requires minimum effort and provides maximum returns.

Easy does it is an old saying which I agree with hence I am presenting this easy money spell which can be cast by every person young and old.

Money spells without materials are great to cast but this easy money spell is my personal recommendation.

Cast this spell every day and here is how you cast this easy money spell.

Take a dime or a local currency coin in your right hand.

Focus on the coin as if nothing exists around you other than the coin and chant the spell 30 times.


Now keep the coin in your locker where money and valuables are kept.

Next day take the same coin and repeat.

In days to come, ways for money will open to you and that locker of yours will grow full with money.
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